WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi !

WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi !

 Quantum Gambitz  will now provide access to  Xiangqi !!

We are ”Unofficially” adopting . and bringing them in as part of the  Q.G. family .  This a great site to Learn… Practice and Play the game of Xiangqi.. The board is Simple and you have a choice with the Pieces . You can have Traditional or Western .. Plus the moves are by correspondence ..




Q.G. will do its best to provide access to the play of  Xiangqi  while keeping the integrity of  by providing a Link Button posted on our HOME page titled Xiangqi . Click on it .. it will the take you to Chessfreaks .. Log in …. and then challenge a player..  or continue with your  game..

I have been playing on the site for at least  5 years  it grows on you give the game a chance. Hope to see you over the board …Good Luck!


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