GCT PARIS/Blitz Final

GCT PARIS/Blitz Final Magnus Carlsen Wins 1st leg of Grand Chess Tour in  Paris… World No.1 Magnus Carlsen and World No.8  Maxime Vachier-Lagrave finished the tournament with 24 points combined with Rapid and Blitz, so  hey had to play a 2 game Tie break. {2 Blitz games and one Armageddon game  to follow if … Continue reading

Shogi Superstar: Sota Fujii

 Shogi Superstar: Sota Fujii OSAKA – The nation’s youngest professional shogi player, 14-year-old , won his 28th straight match on Wednesday to equal the all-time winning streak in official matches of the traditional chess-like game.Fujii, a junior high school student who holds the rank of fourth dan, has gone undefeated since … Continue reading

GCT PARIS/Blitz Day 1

.GCT PARIS/Blitz Day 1Day one of Blitz Chess in Paris:  Game in 5/3 sec delay.. 9 roundsMagnus Carlsen leads with Hikaru Nakamura a game behind..Carlsen started out hot scoring full points through 4 rounds. He then  flagged against Alexander Grischuck in round 5 ..  Is this a Loss or Drawn Position…BothRd5 Carlsen – … Continue reading

A Partner is Right

A Partner is Right {STL DISPATCH MAG May 19 1937} The Bidding..South        West            North         East1 Spade    Pass             2 Hearts    No-TrumpDouble     Redouble   3 Spades   PassPass         Pass“My Partner maintains that I was  ‘fixed’  by the opponents psychic bidding….” Your Partner was right. It was all very well for you to decide that the opponent could control … Continue reading

WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi !

WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi ! Quantum Gambitz  will now provide access to  Xiangqi !!We are ”Unofficially” adopting chessfreaks.com . and bringing them in as part of the  Q.G. family .  This a great site to Learn… Practice and Play the game of Xiangqi.. The board is Simple and you have a choice with … Continue reading