The International Draughts World Championship [Ufa]

 World Championship 2013


June  2 -9   The International Draughts World Championship held in  Ufa

40 players from  around the world  participated in this competition.  Harry Otten, the President of the World Draughts Federation, announced that in 2014, Ufa will host the World mind games championship including draughts, chess, bridge, etc..


 Alexander Georgiev on top of his game and the Andreiko Group

The Tournament  was split in 4 groups with 10 players ..The  RESULTS 


World Championship, group Andreiko

Ufa 2013-06-02/2013-06-09
Organizer: FMJD – World Draughts Federation


Final standings – round 9

PlaceSNo.TitleNameFed.FMJDLocalTotalWins1(+)-1(-)1(+)vs+No O.(W) 
11GMIGeorgiev, AlexanderRUSA 2445 2445123332;6;7;  
24GMIAnikeev, YuriyUKRA 2321 2321123017;8;5;  
33GMIGetmanski, AlexanderRUSA 2366 2366123008;5;7;  
410GMIBaliakin, AlexanderNEDA 2370 2370123-117;8;5;  
59GMIWatoetin, EvgueniBLRA 2315 2315112005;6;  
66GMIGanbaatar, GanjargalMGLA 2287 228781117;  
78MFBudis, OskarPOLA 2104 210472007;2;  
82GMIAkoi, Charles BeavoguiGNB 2263 226370-20   
95MFMejia, Angel RafaelDOMB 2284 228451-108;  
107 Nossov, YuriyKAZB 2234 223441005

Replay the Games  here


   Nicolas Derival (2287) played in the group Baba Sy and finished  No.10




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