2nd IMSA Elite Mind Games 2017

The 2nd IMSA Elite Mind Games (IEMG) will be held December 8 to December 16, 2017, in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, China.


All five members of IMSA will be featured: Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go, and Xiangqi.

Draughts competition will hold three different Time controls ..

Rapid 20 mins 5 sec inc  / Blitz 5mins 3 sec inc.  / Super Blitz 5 mins 2 sec delay

Chinese Draughts Association just nominated their participants (wild cards). With two well known Chinese grandmasters Wei Zhou and Hanqing Zhao ..


  GMIF Zhao Hanqing [2114]


Women Section


  GMI Zhou Wei [2161]

Men Section

2016 top Medalist Alexander Georgiev  [7]  4 Gold 1 Silver 2 Bronze




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