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Barclay Cooke((1912–1981) was one of the legendary players on the International tournament circuit during the 1960’s and 1970’s…


Paradox (2)

Backgammon is no longer merely a fad like mahjong, and that it is a game in which, over the long run, skill will overcome the luck of the dice. In short, it is recognized as a game in which imagination, positional artistry, timing, unorthodox daring and mathematical skill all play a role in the makeup of an expert backgammon player…

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There is no better way to attain this goal than by studying the problems in this book. Some of them will seem elementary, others exquisitely complex, but even an expert can learn from the former, and even a beginner will glean something from the latter.

A Good example is No.120  White to play the Roll is 1-1

white will  play W4-W1  ..{using 3 of his 4 moves}

so now what about the other  “4”th move do you play?




backgammon board (2)



…  W6 is the  correct play  looking to secure W2…

plus if Red rolls a 5-2  it changes the game around regardless what White plays

unless White Rolls an immediate 5 he will be hard pressed to accept a double.


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  1. Few backgammon players have left as rich and varied a legacy as Barclay Cooke, a star tournament player and the author of three backgammon books whose remarkable career began with the early twentieth-century renaissance of the game and continued to flourish for over five decades. Educated at America’s finest schools and further refined in the nation’s poshest social clubs, Cooke, before his death last November at the age of 69, was perhaps backgammon’s most gracious ambassador and eloquent spokesman…….

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