Pan-American Championship 2013

Pan American Championship 2013


Pan-American Championship 2013:

Webster University’s chess team achieved the most dominant performance in the 60-year history of the prestigious PanAm InterCollegiate Chess Championship, also known as the World Series of Chess. The 2013 PanAm, held Dec. 27 – 30 at Texas Tech University, was the strongest ever, with 42 college chess teams from across the country and 25 grandmasters competing.

Webster University entered three teams into the competition.

Webster’s A team scored a perfect 6-0 and finished a full point ahead of the field,           firmly in first place. Members of the A team also scored 21.5 game points in 24 games          (19 wins – 5 draws). In competitive chess, a win is worth one point, a draw is one-half         point, and a loss is zero points.

Webster’s B team finished in 4th place with, and the C team finished in 6th place


Pan American Championship 2013

Webster University


2013 PanAm Results and Pairings Top 10

FINAL STANDINGS. 2013 Pan American Intercollegiate.

#NameRtngTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6TotTBrk[U]TBrk[G]Prize
1WEBSTER UNIVERSITY – A2730WEBS-AW23W17W2W5W7W86.08321.51st place
2UNIV OF MD BALTIMORE COUNTY – A2481UMBC-AW31W13L1W8W6W75.05916.52nd place
3UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS – A2227UILL-AW33L4W16W9W11W185.050.25163rd place
4WEBSTER UNIVERSITY – B2590WEBS-BW29W3W18L7W20D54.566.5194th place
5TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY – A2646TTU-AW28W6W9L1W17D44.561.75175th place
6WEBSTER UNIVERSITY – C2385WEBS-CW22L5W24W14L2W204.058.7517.56th place
7UNIV OF TEXAS AT DALLAS – A2648UTD-AW24W21W11W4L1L24.058.2515.5 
9COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY – A2439COL-AW36W14L5L3W15W174.052.2516.5 

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