How to find the right move

The Cardsharps 1596 {Caravaggio}

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  1. Chess..
    Three half moves makes a real master class player out of you.
    Three half moves plus two steps for evaluation guarantees the 2200 level.You don’t need to know about openings,other than the most rudimentary principles,nor middle game patterns,nor end game technique;what really matters is the skill in tatics which is based on a correct visualization of three half moves.I have complete faith in your intelligence to recognize correctness when it is presented to your consciousness.There’s nothing wrong with your ability to percieve truth.There is something wrong with your ability to work hard enough to present truth to your mind.Can you do it?

    ~ Richard Shorman

    *{This is a great passage given to me by Master Davis (Doughboy) ….thnx}

  2. Easy does it

    The traditional way to evaluate a position is to determine whether it favors White or Black — that is, who has the better chances of winning, provided both players make the best moves.

    Computers have refined this to a high degree and can tell you, for example, whether White is ahead by the equivalent of 0.39 of a pawn in terms of various esoteric positional factors.

    But masters often ask a more practical question: Who has an easier time finding good moves?

  3. Secrets of Chess Intuition
    By Beliavsky & Mikhalchishin
    176 pages
    Gambit Publications
    Reviewed by Jeremy Silman
    ..As an eternal fan of fine chess writing, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on SECRETS OF CHESS INTUITION. This, I thought, is a subject one can wrap their mind around, yet – and here I got excited – if techniques to improve your chess intuition can be taught, then the subject matter will be both interesting and practical. In fact, if the authors succeeded in their apparent quest, such a book would actually be important (important books are very, very rare).
    In the foreword, Anand was quoted as saying, “Intuition is the first move I think of.”
    ~ “Is there true intuition in chess, or is everything based on a knowledge of patterns?” ………..
    This Review can be found

    I Like J.Silman~ some books by him ..Reassess Your chess, {…and work book }Complete End Game Course ….Amateurs mind..

    “Intuition is the immediate awareness of the position, but this is difficult to explain logically. Intuition in a sense depends on knowledge; the more you accumulate, the better your intuition becomes.” World Champion Vladimir Kramnik

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