WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi !

WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi ! Quantum Gambitz  will now provide access to  Xiangqi !!We are ”Unofficially” adopting . and bringing them in as part of the  Q.G. family .  This a great site to Learn… Practice and Play the game of Xiangqi.. The board is Simple and you have a choice with … Continue reading

IMSA Elite Mind Games

The 1st IMSA Elite Mind Games (IEMG) is being held from February 25 to March 3 at New Century Hotel Huaian, China. IEMG is featuring five mind sports as official disciplines – go, chess, bridge, draughts, and xiangqi. In Go, 30 top players around the world will be competing for … Continue reading

Missed Win?

Missed Win?  Did Black accept a premature Draw offer?What do you think ?XIANGQI  END GAME TACTICS ..if Black’s Rook can Harass Red’s  Elephant  to the other side to  G1there maybe away Black’s Rook can land A1  B1 C1 ..{Mate}{The Board below is just for notation/visual it’s not the position}play  XIANGQI … Continue reading

14th World Xiangqi Championship

  World Xiangqi Federation (WXF), the German Xiangqi Association (DXB) will organize the 14th World Xiangqi Championship in Munich, Germany on 21-27 August 2015.Tournament Date: Aug. 21st – Aug. 27th, 2015Tournament Venue: University of Applied Languages (SDI)Address: Baierbrunner Strasse 28, D-81379 Munich, Germany  Rd2 HaoYongLin-XuGuoMing  0-2Opening 5th & 7th Cannons VS Screen … Continue reading

SportAccord World Mind Games: DAY 3

SportAccord World Mind Games: DAY 3News/ Results/ Games Men’s 100 Draughts Blitz Round Robin 1st Round – Match 5Start time: Saturday 13 December 2014 at 14:00[Event “4th World Mind Sport Games”] [Site “Beijing”] [Round “1”][White “Allan Silva BRA”][Black “Aleksander Georgiev RUS”][BoardId “1080”] [GeneratedBy “EBS2.05”] [Result “0-2”].. 13×44  30.43-39 44×33  31.45-40 33-3932.32-28 08-12  33.36-31 … Continue reading

World Mind Games 2014 Day 1

  World Mind Games 2014  Day 1   Michael Naegler (GERMANY)-Minghao Xie (SINGAPORE) 0-1 China defeated Team Europe and Chinese Taipei defeated North America.In the women’s individual 1st round matches, Russian Natalia Kovaleva sprung a major surprise to beat Kai-Hsin Chang of Chinese Taipei. Given that only 4 Europeans have ever won matches at … Continue reading

2013 Sport Accord World Mind Games /2

2013 Sport Accord World Mind Games /2World Mind Games 2013 12-18 December, BeijingWorld Mind Games TV GO :In the second day of men’s team competition, the teams from China, Korea, and Europe crushed their opponents from Chinese Taipei, Japan, and North America. The score was 3-0 in every match. Draughts:World champion … Continue reading