WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi !

WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi ! Quantum Gambitz  will now provide access to  Xiangqi !!We are ”Unofficially” adopting . and bringing them in as part of the  Q.G. family .  This a great site to Learn… Practice and Play the game of Xiangqi.. The board is Simple and you have a choice with … Continue reading

14th World Xiangqi Championship

  World Xiangqi Federation (WXF), the German Xiangqi Association (DXB) will organize the 14th World Xiangqi Championship in Munich, Germany on 21-27 August 2015.Tournament Date: Aug. 21st – Aug. 27th, 2015Tournament Venue: University of Applied Languages (SDI)Address: Baierbrunner Strasse 28, D-81379 Munich, Germany  Rd2 HaoYongLin-XuGuoMing  0-2Opening 5th & 7th Cannons VS Screen … Continue reading

SportAccord World Mind Games: DAY 3

SportAccord World Mind Games: DAY 3News/ Results/ Games Men’s 100 Draughts Blitz Round Robin 1st Round – Match 5Start time: Saturday 13 December 2014 at 14:00[Event "4th World Mind Sport Games"] [Site "Beijing"] [Round "1"][White "Allan Silva BRA"][Black "Aleksander Georgiev RUS"][BoardId "1080"] [GeneratedBy "EBS2.05"] [Result "0-2"].. 13×44  30.43-39 44×33  31.45-40 33-3932.32-28 08-12  33.36-31 … Continue reading

World Mind Games 2014 Day 1

  World Mind Games 2014  Day 1   Michael Naegler (GERMANY)-Minghao Xie (SINGAPORE) 0-1 China defeated Team Europe and Chinese Taipei defeated North America.In the women’s individual 1st round matches, Russian Natalia Kovaleva sprung a major surprise to beat Kai-Hsin Chang of Chinese Taipei. Given that only 4 Europeans have ever won matches at … Continue reading

2013 Sport Accord World Mind Games /2

2013 Sport Accord World Mind Games /2World Mind Games 2013 12-18 December, BeijingWorld Mind Games TV GO :In the second day of men’s team competition, the teams from China, Korea, and Europe crushed their opponents from Chinese Taipei, Japan, and North America. The score was 3-0 in every match. Draughts:World champion … Continue reading