SUNDAY CHECKERS: FRISIAN DRAUGHTS Febuary 28  – March 5 2017Fryslân Open 2017 andWorld championships FRYSK! Participants of Fryslân Open 2017 (international group) 1. World champion Rapid Chess from Ukraine:Vasyl Ivanchuk 2. World champion checkers from Italy:Michele Borghetti 3. World champion international draughts from Russia:Alexander Shvartsman 4. African champion international draughts from Cameroon:Jean Marc Ndjofang 5. Lithuanian champion … Continue reading

FIDE World Chess Rapids/Blitz

FIDE World Chess Rapids/Blitz:47 year old Ukraine GM Vassily Ivanchuk wins FIDE World Chess Rapid Championship..   World Champion GM Ivanchuk interviewed by Chess journalist Anastazia KarlovichShe wants to talk Chess, He wants to talk Checkers……. Ivanchuk (2771) – Melkumyan (2736) 1-01. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 g6 3. Bf4 Bg7 4. e3 d6 5. … Continue reading

FIDE World Chess Rapids/ Day 2

 FIDE World Chess Rapids /Day 2 in Doha,Qatar  GM Vassily Ivanchuk stealing the show with a score of 8/10..Below is the list of his opponents, Round 11 pairing- playing Black against Russian GM Nepomniachtchi..Rd.Bo.SNo NameRtgIFEDPts.Res.wew-weKrtg+/-11063GMPerez2596ARG5,0s 10,730,27205,402543GMMatlakov2662RUS5,5w 10,650,35207,003223GMTomashevsky2710RUS6,5s ½0,58-0,0820-1,604451GMVidit2643IND7,0w 10,670,33206,605311GMAronian2770ARM7,0s 00,50-0,5020-10,0061125GMDreev2705RUS5,5w 10,590,41208,20711GMCarslen2906NOR7,0w 10,320,682013,608321GMKorobov2714UKR7,0s ½0,58-0,0820-1,609556GMPantsulaia2622GEO6,0s 10,700,30206,001025GMMamedyarov2805AZE7,5w 10,450,552011,001123GMNepomniachtchi2812RUS7,5s Rd7 Ivanchuk (2771) – Carlsen (2906) 1-01. d4 … Continue reading


 IMSA ELITE MIND GAMES/DRAUGHTSWorld Champion Alexander Georgiev takes the GOLD in the Rapid Open Rd2 White Move 19. 42×1101. 32-28 17-2202. 28×17 12×2103. 35-30 20-2504. 33-29 21-2605. 39-33 18-2206. 31-27 22×3107. 36×27 15-2008. 44-39 10-1509. 40-35 05-1010. 45-40 07-1211. 50-45 01-0712. 41-36 19-2413. 30×19 13×2414. 38-32 12-1815. 32-28 07-1216. 43-38 11-1717. … Continue reading

TATA Steel 2015 / Round 8

Magnus Carlsen has vaulted into the sole lead. Five decisive games this round.  We are being treated to tremendous fights each and every round. Ding sets a diabolical trap and Saric falls headlong into it. That h3 Pawn is absolute poison. So’s Marshall Gambit to the Ruy Lopez built up a nice initiative. … Continue reading

TATA Steel 2015 / Round 4

Vassily Ivanchuk Four move decisive games this round.Carlsen notches his first win with an interesting recapture on move 17 (Diagram – Top Left).It turns out that the pressure down the ‘f’ file is extremly hard to deal with and the tactics involved after that were sufficient to win a fine game.Saric … Continue reading