Othello! Japan

Practice your End Games daily against the computer : Othello! JAPAN – 新着情報今日の詰めオセロBlack to Play and Win.. 黒番。ここから勝って下さい。304人が挑戦して166人が勝利していますコンピュータ相手に打つ! {Black number.Win from here.304 people have been challenged and 166 people have won.Hit the computer opponent!} Othello! JAPAN – 新着情報 Continue reading

40th World Othello Championship

 40th World Othello Championship, Mito Japan Nov. 1-4 2016Current and 4 time World Champ Yusuke Takanashi  will defend his title .. Video Trailer for 2016  Othello World ChampionshipWOC list of players sorted by rating can be found  hereOthello News Interviews Seeded players and (former) World ChampionsOthello News WOC reports​Othello News on FacebookOthello News on … Continue reading

Goro Hasegawa/Othello

Goro Hasegawa/OthelloGoro Hasegawa, who invented the  board game Othello, died Monday at his house in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture… He was 83In 1971,  Mr. Hasegawa invented Othello based on the game of Reversi. The game grew popular in a short time and in 1973 the Japan Othello Association was establishedThe 1st World Othello … Continue reading

39th Othello World Championship /Rd7

39th Othello World Championship Rd7 ..  presently taking place at the University Centre Cambridge UK . {The World Othello Federation started 2005, Reykjavik, Iceland. 2005 W.O.F. had 22 member nations. 2014 it is over 60 member nations.}  Ben Seeley  (USA)  4.5    has an “unlucky 7 “th rd You can go through all the games … Continue reading

World Othello Championship 2015

World Othello Championship 2015The World Othello Federation and the British Othello Federation  hostingWORLD OTHELLO CHAMPIONSHIP    Oct 28-31 2015 The Venue : The University Center, Cambridgehttp://www.worldothello.org/woc2015/ LEADER Imre 35-29 HAND DavidBritish Othello Championship 2015, final Game  http://othellonews.weebly.com/news.html Continue reading

Othello U.S. Open 2015

                      White to playOthello U.S. Open 2015 August 15 & 16, 2015The Palace, Los Angeles, California Contact Ben Seeley for details! The Palace is located near the intersection of Hillhurst Ave and Los Feliz Blvd at 2112 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027. United States Othello Association http://usothello.org/    White plays  b7If black responds … Continue reading