GCT LONDON CHESS CLASSIC / Final Fabiano Caruana  wins  the London chess classic..winning round 9 against Mickey Adams then defeating Ian Nepomniachtchi  in the Tie Breaker showdown…  Magnus Carlsen  clinches the first prize in the overall Grand Chess Tour.     Caruana, Fabiano (2799) – Adams, Michael (2715)  9th London … Continue reading

London Chess Classic Pro-Biz Cup

  London’s Best Business Minds To Compete For Prestigious Chess Title CSC_Hassabis and Kasparov to compete in London Chess Classic Pro-Biz Cup_Oct17.pdf MEDIA CONTACT For media enquiries related to Chess in Schools and Communities, please contact: James Gwinnett Brazil E-mail: chess@agencybrazil.com 17 October 2017 For Immediate Release   London’s Best Business … Continue reading


 YOUR NEXT MOVE/Rapids  2nd Leg of  The Grand Chess Tour : Rapid and Blitz Your Next Move tournament takes place in Leuven, Belgium, 28 June – 2 July 2017. 9 Rds   Game with 25m+10sec delay   Official tournament site       [Event “GCT Rapid YourNextMove”][Site “Leuven BEL”][Date “2017.06.28”][Round “1.1”][White “Carlsen, Magnus”][Black “Aronian, Levon”][Result “1-0”][WhiteTitle “GM”][BlackTitle “GM”][WhiteElo … Continue reading

GCT PARIS/Blitz Final

GCT PARIS/Blitz Final Magnus Carlsen Wins 1st leg of Grand Chess Tour in  Paris… World No.1 Magnus Carlsen and World No.8  Maxime Vachier-Lagrave finished the tournament with 24 points combined with Rapid and Blitz, so  hey had to play a 2 game Tie break. {2 Blitz games and one Armageddon game  to follow if … Continue reading