ACF National 3-Move Tournament

    ACF National 3-Move Tournament, “George & Darlene Stallsworth ,  3-Move National Tournament Honoree”  Scheduled for July 27th thru 30th 2016 (Wednesday thru Saturday) Honeysuckle Inn – Branson, MO 65616. Honeysuckle Inn, 3598 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, Branson, MO 65616 | 888-561-3945 | 9800-491-9657 or 417-335-20230. Player’s rate … Continue reading

37th Golden Prague

Golden Prague International Draughts Tournament37th Golden PraguePrague, Tyrsuv dum, June 11 – 17, 2017Vatutin Evegen winner of this year’s tournament  scoring 14/18 points and going undefeated..Round 1 Partij  Event “Golden Prague 2017”][Site “”][White “Guerbert, Christian”][Black “Vatutin, Evgeni”][Result “0-2”][GameType “20”][Round “1”][Date “2017.06.11”][WhiteTime “”][BlackTime “”][TimeControl “4800+60”][WhiteUrl “”][BlackUrl “”][WhiteTitle “”][BlackTitle “GMI”][WhiteRating “2008”][BlackRating “2317”][DamboTopLine “Golden … Continue reading

Dutch Championship General KNDB 2017

   Dutch Championship General KNDB 2017 underway Round 4..remaining schedule..Maandag 10 april13.00 uur Aanvang ronde 5Dinsdag 11 april13.00 uur Aanvang ronde 6Woensdag 12 april10.00 uur Aanvang ronde 716.00 uur Aanvang ronde 8Donderdag 13 april13.00 uur Aanvang ronde 919.30 uur KloksimultaanVrijdag 14 april13.00 uur Aanvang ronde 10Zaterdag 15 april09.30 uur 4-tallen jeugddamtoernooi10.30 … Continue reading

112th Annual Illinois State Checker Tournament

 The 112th Illinois State Checker Tournament Saturday & Sunday – April 1st & April 2nd, 2017( Usually scheduled 1st weekend in April )Illinois State Checker AssociationRoger Doll, Secretary & Treasurerphone: 618-402-1822  email:  erdoll@gmail.comThe 112th Annual Illinois State Checker Tournament will be held Saturday, April 1st and Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 … Continue reading