Dutch Championship General KNDB 2017

   Dutch Championship General KNDB 2017 underway Round 4..remaining schedule..Maandag 10 april13.00 uur Aanvang ronde 5Dinsdag 11 april13.00 uur Aanvang ronde 6Woensdag 12 april10.00 uur Aanvang ronde 716.00 uur Aanvang ronde 8Donderdag 13 april13.00 uur Aanvang ronde 919.30 uur KloksimultaanVrijdag 14 april13.00 uur Aanvang ronde 10Zaterdag 15 april09.30 uur 4-tallen jeugddamtoernooi10.30 … Continue reading


SUNDAY CHECKERS: FRISIAN DRAUGHTS Febuary 28  - March 5 2017Fryslân Open 2017 andWorld championships FRYSK! Participants of Fryslân Open 2017 (international group) 1. World champion Rapid Chess from Ukraine:Vasyl Ivanchuk 2. World champion checkers from Italy:Michele Borghetti 3. World champion international draughts from Russia:Alexander Shvartsman 4. African champion international draughts from Cameroon:Jean Marc Ndjofang 5. Lithuanian champion … Continue reading

Sunday Checkers / Feb 5

Sunday Checkers / Feb 5Two tricky diagrams that you can solve on this super Sunday {.. maybe}N0.94Black to Move and Win                              white                                         black  Solution..1.11-16 12-19 2.18-23 9-18..(19-26) 3.27-31. N0.95White to Move and Win                  white                  black Solution..1..27-24 2.16-20 23-18 3.20-27 19-16 4.12-19 15-29   puzzles (Robert Pike 101 checkers puzzles…pg106-107)

Sunday Checkers Jan 29 2017

Sunday Checkers Jan 29 2017No.59White to Move and Win 1..30-26 2.22-18 19-24 3.28-19 26-23  No.60White to Move and Win 1…32-27 2.23-32 26-23  No.89Black to Move and Win 1.6-9 13-6 2.15-18 23-7 3.4-6 “It is urged, as a prime factor of success, that close attention be given to diagrams and solutions..”  Checkers and Chess Maxim la Roux [1916]


 NEW RATING SYSTEM/FMJD [INTERNATIONAL DRAUGHTS] TOP 20  in the world…Nr.NameFirst nameCountryTitleRatingListPlace1ShvartsmanAlexanderRUSSIAgmi2442A12GeorgievAlexanderRUSSIAgmi2435A23BoomstraRoelNETHERLANDSgmi2431A34ChizhovAlexeyRUSSIAgmi2400A45BaliakinAlexanderNETHERLANDSgmi2395A56DolfingMartinNETHERLANDSgmi2387A67GetmanskiAlexanderRUSSIAgmi2377A78van IjzendoornMartijnNETHERLANDSmi2374A89ProsmanErnoNETHERLANDSgmi2374A910IvanovArtemUKRAINEgmi2370A1011AnikeevYuriyUKRAINEgmi2369A1112VirnyVadimGERMANYgmi2368A1213ValnerisGuntisLATVIAgmi2363A1314MeursPimNETHERLANDSgmi2358A1415SipmaWouterNETHERLANDSgmi2358A1516CordierArnaudFRANCEgmi2358A1617GantvargAnatoliBELARUSgmi2357A1718GroenendijkJanNETHERLANDSgmi2357A1819KalmakovAndrejRUSSIAgmi2354A1920JansenGerardNETHERLANDSgmi2353A20  OFFICIAL FMJD: New year begins with new ratings and new titles

FIDE World Chess Rapids/Blitz

FIDE World Chess Rapids/Blitz:47 year old Ukraine GM Vassily Ivanchuk wins FIDE World Chess Rapid Championship..   World Champion GM Ivanchuk interviewed by Chess journalist Anastazia KarlovichShe wants to talk Chess, He wants to talk Checkers……. http://fb.me/ReXhLeehRd15 Ivanchuk (2771) – Melkumyan (2736) 1-01. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 g6 3. Bf4 Bg7 4. e3 d6 5. … Continue reading