Carlsen vs Nakamura / Fischer Random / Day 2

  “Photos are courtesy of the official photographers Maria Emelianova/ and Lennart Ootes and are available for a free use during the event and only in reports about the event, by online media only. Please do not forget to use proper crediting.”   —   We have done just that.   Day … Continue reading


 For more than 2000 years, Eastern and Western speculations on the history of Go (“Wei Qi”) in China have engendered many errors. The following is a brief sampling of the most common that have been taken from my longer essay, “Speculations on the Origins of Go” and its other appendices … Continue reading

Quantum Chess Challenge

Quantum Chess Challenge:Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter ( in association with Trouper Productions ( bring you a chess match for the ages: Paul Rudd vs Stephen Hawking in a game of Quantum Chess, narrated by Keanu Reeves. Hawking                         RuddThe game is real and the stakes are high as the … Continue reading

Bronstein Chess / Pre-Chess / Shuffle Chess

by National Life Master Loal DavisDavid Bronstein Pal Benko:“The continual refinement of technique and assimilation of knowledge, particularly in the openings,will gradually lead to the extinction of the game – it will be solved, played out… Most of the blame – if that is the word – must fall on the … Continue reading