Mark Taimanov 1926-2016

Mark Taimanov, Hoogovens 1970Born February 1926 – 28 November 2016 was one of the leading Soviet and Russian Chess players and Concert pianist. Taimanov became a grandmaster  in 1952 and in 1956 became the winner of the 23rd  USSR Championship..         Spassky-Taimanov  0-1[Event “USSR Championship”][Site “Leningrad (RUS)”][Date “1956.??.??”][EventDate “1956.??.??”][Round “?”][Result “0-1”][White “Boris Spassky”][Black “Mark Taimanov”][ECO … Continue reading

World Chess Championship Rd/11

World Chess Championship Rd/11For the 7th time of the Match the Ruy Lopez was Played.Sergey Karjakin played white and maintained control with a slight edge with the Knights removed, looking for more of a strategic than tactical play until Magnus plays 19…d5 which took time for Karjakin to recover ..[25 minutes … Continue reading

Mikhail Tchigorin / Gambiteer ! ! !

by National Life Master Loal Davis   Mikhail Tchigorin was a swashbuckling gambiteer.  He played the Evans Gambit in World Championship matches with Wilhelm Steinitz – but especially – he had a love affair with the King’s Gambit. Mikhail Chigorin – DavydowSt. Petersburg, 1874 1.e4 e5 2.f4 Tchigorin was THE foremost practitioner of the King’s … Continue reading