Last 2 Qualifiers

    Last 2 Qualifiers : To participate in the  2018 Candidates Tournament –: Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan, overall 340  Grand  prix points in the series) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia, 336,4 grand prix points).  The Grand Prix, a series of four Swiss-style tournaments with 24 participants,  held this year in Sharjah, … Continue reading

World Chess Candidates / Round 14 / Final

  Sergey Karjakin wins the Candidates Tournament for 2016 and will challenge Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship.It was a HARD fought last round battle against the co-leader Fabiano Caruana.  Caruana played the Black side of a Sicilian Defense – generally regarded as a fighting defense.  It was certainly so today … Continue reading

World Chess Candidates / Round 13

  Nakamura had the only win today.  Topalov’s moves towards the end of this game reflect loss of energy at the end of the tournament, although it was also evident that Hikaru was hungry.  Caruana tried; he ran the game out to move 116 – draw.  He is still tied for … Continue reading

World Chess Candidates/Rd1

World Chess Candidates/Rd1Who wants to play Magnus Carlsen for the 2016 Title?  Apparently this guy.. GM Viswananthan Anand has jumped into the sole lead of the 2016 Candidates by winning his first round gameRd1 GM Anand(2762) – GM Topalov(2780) 1-0Anand Viswanathan (IND) vs. Topalov Veselin (BUL)Ruy Lopez (Berlin)Candidates 2016 | Moscow, … Continue reading

Candidates Tournament 2016

 Candidates Tournament 2016The Candidates Tournament is one of the most important and most followed tournaments in the World Chess Championship cycle.  It will determine the challenger for the 2016 World Chess Championship Match. Eight players will participate in the Candidates Tournament and the winner qualifies for the Championship Match which … Continue reading