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A Partner is Right

A Partner is Right {STL DISPATCH MAG May 19 1937} The Bidding..South        West            North         East1 Spade    Pass             2 Hearts    No-TrumpDouble     Redouble   3 Spades   PassPass         Pass“My Partner maintains that I was  ‘fixed’  by the opponents psychic bidding….” Your Partner was right. It was all very well for you to decide that the opponent could control … Continue reading

WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi !

WEBSITE UPDATE:  Play Xiangqi ! Quantum Gambitz  will now provide access to  Xiangqi !!We are ”Unofficially” adopting chessfreaks.com . and bringing them in as part of the  Q.G. family .  This a great site to Learn… Practice and Play the game of Xiangqi.. The board is Simple and you have a choice with … Continue reading

AlphaGo is retiring

AlphaGo is retiring:After winning a three-game match against Top Player  Chinese Professional Ke Jie 9P in what is revered as the world’s most demanding strategy game, Google’s gaming AI AlphaGo is retiring.AlphaGo’s victory at the summit represented “the highest possible pinnacle for AlphaGo as a competitive program.”..DeepMind co-founder and co-CEO Demis HassabisNEW FOCUS … Continue reading