STL ARCHBISHOPS CHAMPS 2017 2017 Pro Chess League Champions Saint Louis ArchbishopsSaint Louis Arch Bishops defeats Norway Gnomes 9-7 in the 4th round.The team also wins $20,000 for 1st place..Wesley So (MVP) went 3-1 his 2nd loss this season came in the last round facing World Champion Magnus Carlsen In the Post Game Interview … Continue reading


PROCHESS FINALS                                           vs Norway Gnomes - St Louis Arch Bishops  in the PROChess Finals.. March 26 Start time 1300 EDT 1900 CET GAMES PLAYED Earlier this Month..[Event "PRO League KO Stage 2017"][Site " INT"][Date "2017.03.15"][Round "3"][White "Lie, Kjetil A."][Black "Yatzenko, Anton"][Result "0-1"][WhiteTitle "GM"][WhiteElo "2537"][BlackElo "2356"][ECO "A13"][Opening "English opening"][WhiteTeam "Norway Gnomes"][BlackTeam "Gorky Stormbringers"][WhiteFideId "1501984"][BlackFideId "4157826"][EventDate "2017.03.01"]1. … Continue reading

2017  ABA Spring National

2017 ABA Spring National at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino  Reno , Nevada April 1-7ScheduleNew Player Schedule Declarer Play Problems – BOB’S BRIDGE CLUB                   DECLARER PLAY PROBLEM #7       ♠ T 8 3      North ♥ J T♦ A 8 3 § K Q J 9 2 Contract: 4 Spades in the South West’s … Continue reading

2017 U.S. Championship

The 2017 U.S. Championship being held at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis is an elite national championship event, featuring 12 of the strongest chess players in America.   They will play eleven rounds, and try to earn $194,000 in prize money, Qualification into the World Championship cycle, and the coveted … Continue reading