Mastering Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a General Reinforcement Learning Algorithm David Silver,1∗ Thomas Hubert,1∗ Julian Schrittwieser,1∗ Ioannis Antonoglou,1 Matthew Lai,1 Arthur Guez,1 Marc Lanctot,1 Laurent Sifre,1 Dharshan Kumaran,1 Thore Graepel,1 Timothy Lillicrap,1 Karen Simonyan,1 Demis Hassabis1 1DeepMind, 6 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG. ∗These authors contributed equally to … Continue reading

Last 2 Qualifiers

    Last 2 Qualifiers : To participate in the  2018 Candidates Tournament –: Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan, overall 340  Grand  prix points in the series) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia, 336,4 grand prix points).  The Grand Prix, a series of four Swiss-style tournaments with 24 participants,  held this year in Sharjah, … Continue reading

US Open 2017/ International Draughts

International Draughts : US Open 2017 – Kolman Turiy Memorial   The competition venue will be in two locations of the public library: The Huntington Public Library’s Station Branch Building (main location): 1335 New York Avenue Huntington Station, NY 11746   The Huntington Public Library’s Main Building (secondary location on … Continue reading