GM Samuel Sevian

 GM Samuel Sevian  On November 22 2014  IM Samuel Sevian became the Youngest GM  in American history.[ 13 years, 10 months and 27 days-old]In round 4  during the CCSCSL Invitational {Saint Louis} He achieved his GM status by defeating  IM Andrey Gorovets of Belarus.. [Event "2014 GM Norm Tournament"][Site "CCSCSL, Saint Louis, MO USA"][Date "2014.11.22"][Round "4.1"][White … Continue reading

World Championship 2014 / Game 11 / FINAL

 Carlsen Wins The Game And The Match YABB (yet another boring Berlin) was the audible groan at the beginning of Game #11, but it must be said that Anand did have his chances.  At least it was not absolutely winning for White, and double-edged enough to be worrisome for Carlsen; most … Continue reading

World Championship 2014 / Game 10

A FightBut at this level, the game never really looked like anything but a draw.  Both players have shown that they can circumnavigate semi-sharp positions; watch the tactics and not give too much ground in the center.  They also know their endings.  They know things like an active Rook can … Continue reading

World Chess Championship 2014 / Game 9

Are You Kidding Me ? ? ?If this was in Anand’s thoughts – he has himself to blame.  Not losing on the Black side of a “Berlin Wall” variation of the Spanish is not what is needed at this stage of the match.  Carlsen may have been saying the same … Continue reading

Quarter Final Results

Quarter Final Results {November 12th}1. Miami Sharks vs Manhattan ApplesauceMiami 3-12. St. Louis Arch Bishops vs New Jersey KnockoutsSt. Louis 2.5-1.53. Rio Grande Ospreys vs New York KnightsNew York 2.5-1.54. San Francisco Mechanics vs Dallas DestinyDallas 3-1 NM Matthew Larson (STL) vs IM Alexander Katz (NJ) 1-01. d4 Nf6 2. c4 … Continue reading

World Chess Championship 2014 / Game 8

Photos Courtesy of Derrick BartottoAnand may have wanted more from the White pieces   –   BUTCarlsen played well and secured the draw.In the position below Anand (White) has just played 17.  Bb1.  Carlsen employs the “Come Into My Parlor Defense”  17. ….. Rad8.  Well – there is just no … Continue reading

Quantum Magic

Quantum Magic…For the first time, a computer has created its own magic tricks capable of fooling a human audience…Using AI [artificial intelligence] to create magic tricks is a great way to demonstrate the possibilities of computer intelligence.Full Article: is Quantum computing?Quantum computers combine quantum mechanics with computer science to … Continue reading

World Chess Championship 2014 / Game 7

 Photos Courtesy of Derrick Bartotto   Fight / Fight / Fight / Fight  A Battle RoyaleAnand was put under extreme pressure in Game Seven.  In the Diagram position (below – Move 31) it was obvious that Carlsen was about to win an indefensible Pawn on e5 which would give White two connected passed … Continue reading