U.S. Sanctions FIDE President

 U.S. Dept. of Treasury: Sanctions Networks Providing Support to the Government of Syria, Including For Facilitating Syrian Government Oil Purchases from ISIL 11/25/2015 WASHINGTON – In response to continuing violence by the Assad regime against its citizens, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) today designated four … Continue reading

Automating Learning

Automating  Learning:Go “King of Games” closer to being Solved?  Game Player Demis Hassabis, the artificial intelligence savant behind Google DeepMind, hinted in a video interview that his secretive team has a surprise for the World of Go  ( Video Interview  here.)Since Google plopped down $400 million last year for the AI startup, DeepMind … Continue reading

Worldchampionship Emmen KNDB 2015 /RD16

Worldchampionship Emmen KNDB 2015 /Rd 16  (Netherlands) Nov 8-25  Wouter Sipma (2359) - Raimonds Vipulis (2284) 1-1 Game Jean Marc Ndjofang (2370) - Ainur Shaibakov (2351) 2-0 Game Ron Heusdens (2334) - Ganjargal Ganbaatar (2265) 1-1 Game Roel Boomstra (2411) - Ncho Joel Atse (2329) 1-1 Game Jan Groenendijk (2343) - Alexey Chizhov (2388) 1-1 Game Freddy Loko Luzayadio (2336) - Allan Silva (2288) 1-1 Game NDiaga Samb (2302) - Alexander Georgiev (2419) 0-2 Game Leopold Kouogueu Kouomou (2301) - Erdenebileg Dul (2269) 1-1 Game Alexander Baliakin (2390) - Arnaud Cordier (2369) 1-1 Game Artem Ivanov (2371) - Frantz Forbin (2282) 1-1 Game   Round 16  Alexander Georgiev retakes lead with a crushing victory..Black to Move 36… 23×32 [triple jump][Event "Wereldkampioenschap Emmen KNDB 2015"][Site ""][White "Samb, NDiaga"][Black … Continue reading

Checker Play

Looking for more knowledge in Checker Play ?At Checkerplay.com you find a collection of backgammon positions and problems. All positions shown are with black on roll.Category : Middle GameBlack to play 4-2Looks natural to make the 22 anchor, but you should maximize contact here with the better board.http://www.checkerplay.com/position/363*Anchor   A point occupied by … Continue reading


STLShowdown/RapidsThursdayNov. 121:00 PMBasque Chess (1 game, G/90 +30)FridayNov. 131:00 PMFischer Random Chess (4 games, G/20 +10)SaturdayNov. 141:00 PMRapid Chess (4 games, G/15 + 10)SundayNov. 151:00 PMBlitz Chess (8 games, G/3 +2)               Today’s Round: Rapid Chess Game in 15 min  +10This Image is before the start of round 2 .Rd 1  Nakamura-Caruana .. Hikaru had chances … Continue reading

USCL playoffs Quaterfinals Results

  Defending Champs St. Louis Arch Bishops  advances through to the  Semi-finals defeating Las Vegas 3-1. They will play Dallas next Nov. 18 … St. Louis Arch Bishops vs Dallas Destiny8:00 PM EST  (Dallas receives draw odds Results of the Quaterfinals  STL – LV   3-1GM Varuzhan Akobian (STL) vs IM Dionisio Aldama (LV) 1-0FM Elliott Liu (LV) … Continue reading