Mikhail Tchigorin & The King’s Gambit ! !

by National Life Master Loal Davis Mikhail Tchigorin Mikhail Ivanovich Chigorin (He preferred the spelling Tchigorin) (12 November 1850 – 25 January  1908) was a leading Russian chess player. The last great player of the Romantic chess style, he also served as a major source of inspiration for the “Soviet Chess School”, … Continue reading

26th Nato Chess Championship

26th Nato Chess Championship takes place in Amsterdam.   112 players from 19 countries .. Rd7 Kedzierski-Hater 0-1 [Quebec 2014]49.Rxb6 Ra2 +  50. Kd1 d4 51.Rb8 Ke3….  Team U.S.A 2015  Official Site http://www.natochess.com/https:/ Military Chess /www.facebook.com/MilitaryChessRelated Post http://www.quantumgambitz.com/blog/tournamentschampionships/25th-nato-chess-championship 

Walter Browne

Walter Shawn Browne (10 January 1949 – 24 June 2015)  After a week of chess and poker, Browne staying in Las Vegas,  died in his sleep on 24 June 2015. He was 66  Browne won the National Open eleven times, the American Open seven times, the World Open three times, and the … Continue reading