Sinquefield 2014 / Round 5

Well That’s It – Five for FiveThere are six competitors.  That means everyone plays five other players in a Round Robin tournament.  This is a Double Round Robin.  Still – What’s the worst that could happen.  Everyone has played everyone so far.  In my opinion – not a very hard … Continue reading

Sinquefield 2014 / Round 4

FANTASTIC  FABULOUS   FABIANO   FOURHudah-Thunk?Absolutely fantastic.  That is FOUR in a row.  This time he took out Number 2 – Aronian.  A solid, well played game; he was about to play Nh2 on move 29, but was “worried” about some Black exchange sacrifice for play.  Then he found Na5 … Continue reading

Sinquefield Cup 2014 / Round 3

 Fabiano CaruanaWow ! Wow ! Wow !  That is three wins in three games and the last one (with the Black pieces) took out World Champion Magnus Carlsen.  Magnus played a Bishop’s Opening; a fairly innocuous reputation, quiet, etc. – BUT – it does avoid things like the Petrof Defense … Continue reading

Sinquefield Cup 2014 / Round 2

 Two rounds – All fighting games.Caruana wins his second game in a row right out of the gate and plays – like a machine.  Very tough for Lagrave who was crunched into dust with extremely precise play.  Black’s Queen looked misplaced, but how many could drive the dagger home? (LEFT)Topalov … Continue reading