2nd Vugar Gashimov Memorial – Round 9 / Final

Photo taken from the official site (below) no credit given.Magnus CarlsenThe 2nd Vugar Gashimov Memorial (2015) was a resounding victory for World Champion Magnus Carlsen. In the diagram below Black had some idea of liquidating Pawns with the possibility of defense at the end of his “analysis”.  Alas – it took … Continue reading

Grand Chess Tour

Oh , How Grand ..Grand Chess Tour: A plan to execute the best chess events in the world. From superior organization and amenities to a full-blown spectator experience, professional chess as it’s meant to be…  The participating players are:World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, NorwayFabiano Caruana, ItalyAlexander Grischuk, RussiaVeselin Topalov, BulgariaViswanathan Anand, IndiaLevon Aronian, ArmeniaAnish Giri, … Continue reading

The Moscow Puzzles

The Moscow Puzzles:This marvelously diverse collection of 359 puzzles ranges from simple “catch” riddles to difficult problems but contains none that require a knowledge of advanced  mathematics. It is lavishly illustrated with clear diagrams and amusing sketches, and the puzzles are answered in the back of the book. Kordemsky often … Continue reading