Lasker Trap

by National Life Master Loal Davis  Emanuel LaskerWhite “Trapped” vs  Black “Trapper”1. d4 d5 2. c4 e5The Albin Countergambit3. dxe5 d4 4. e3 An Innocent Looking Move – BUT – A MistakeBb4+ 5. Bd2 dxe3 6. Bxb4 exf2+ 7. Ke2Black To Playfxg1=N+ A star move.  Promoting to a Queen allows White … Continue reading

FIDE WWCC 2015/Rd3

FIDE WWCC 2015/Rd3  Round 3 game 2  The Russians Fight back[Kosteniuk,  Pogonina] after round 3 game one disasters on to the tie breaks. The exception is now the eliminated Alisa Galliamova(RUS),who lost both games to India’s Humpy Koneru,who will take on Ukraine’s WGM Mariya Muzychuk..[Rd4] E. Kublashvili Rd3/G2 Harika, Dronavalli (IND)   -  Kosteniuk, Alexandra (RUS)1. … Continue reading

Chess and Go: Proverbs

Chess and Go:  Proverbs A Chess and Go comparison assembled by Richard Bozulich  Introduces ideas and principles that guide a player to make sound strategic moves in Go and Chess ..Which helps the beginner master the game..Most Go philosophy is in proverbs but they’re other strategic principles which make up Go theoryexample : “Don’t use … Continue reading

FIDE WWCC 2015/Rd1

FIDE WWCC 2015/Rd1 :The “Knock-Out” World Women’s Chess Championship is now underwayyou can can go through the games: The game listed below are round 1 ..1st gameB. Dolmatovsky Rd 1 Krush, Irina (USA)     Milliet, Sophie (FRA) 1-01. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. Qc2 b6 5. e4 c5 … Continue reading


 19TH ANNUAL MID-AMERICA OPEN /FinalClayton /Saint Louis Crowne Plaza:7 section[s] ,261 playersTop 10 in Open Section:1 | ILLIA I NYZHNYK                 |4.5  |W  25|W  17|D   3|W  15|W   6| MO | 15477488 / R: 2748   ->2748     |     |     |     |     |     |     | —————————————————————————– 2 | PRIYADHARSHAN KANNAPPAN         |4.0  |W  22|W   9|D  … Continue reading

Queen’s Indian Defense

 by National Life Master Loal DavisThe Queen’s Indian Defense has often been thought of as a “poor cousin” of the Nimzo-Indian Defense.  Black doesn’t always get to pin that Knight on c3 and if Black isn’t going to fall back into a regular Queen’s Gambit, then the Queen’s Indian is … Continue reading