USCL 2014

Rio Grande Ospreys      Atlanta Kings The two new teams along with the new divisional/playoff format..The top three teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs.  Also, one of the fourth place teams will as well. {10 spots available} USCL 2014  Starts on August 26!Official Site 1Tuesday, August 26th1. Manhattan Applesauce vs New … Continue reading

Gideon Japhet Memorial Open Chess Tournament 2014 /Rd6

 The Second Annual Gideon Japhet Memorial Open Chess Tournament in Jerusalem, Israel  features an 8-game rapid match between GM Boris Gelfand and GM Peter Svidler [July 20-24]Svidler scores a point playing Black {K.I.D} and takes the lead going into the last day..Rd6  GM Gelfand- GM Svidler   1-0…..8. exd4[Opening "King's Indian"][Variation "fianchetto, … Continue reading


GAME TABLES…Choose from over 100 games including checkers, caroms, crokinole and billiards with the Carrom Game Board. It features a 3/16 in. thick hardboard playing surface with coated paper graphics and a handsome wood grain design. Included with the game board are 44 playing pieces with two cue sticks, an … Continue reading

Canasta “Basket Rummy”

Canasta “Basket Rummy” A complimentary 15 page booklet 1949{?} in how to play Canasta from Lembermens  Mutual casualty Co. Each player/team keeps separate melds of the various ranks of cards. A player may never play to an opponent’s meld. A legal meld consists of at least three cards of the same rank. Suits are … Continue reading